Romantic Birthday Wishes For Lover

Wishing your lover on birthday has become a lot easier with modern technology including social media and other communication apps. But when it comes to romantic birthday wishes for lover, it makes perfect sense to go the old-school way.

Romantic Birthday Wishes For Lover

Nothing makes it more personalized than a hand-written card as you are taking your personal time and effort to make one. That clearly shows how much you care about your lover and that does help in making a positive impact. While that makes a great foundation for wishing, here are some tips how to write birthday wishes to your lover.

Add a Surprise Element for Wishing Your Lover

Plain words for wishing a lover never works well to your advantage. Make it a complete package by adding a gift, a red rose, and a nice chocolate. These are the objects that make your wish a special and unique one. Whether you are writing a birthday card or just personally speaking out your wishes, do not forget to start with phrases like ‘you are light of my life’, ‘my sweet love’, ‘my heartbeat’, etc. These make a very romantic start and it really does not matter what you say after that. But be as poetic as possible to make the best impression.

Let Your Wish Be The First to the Lover

When I say happy birthday wishes to my lover, I always make sure I’m the first to wish. If you are with her/him already, make sure to keep an eye on the clock and say your wishes as the clock strikes 12 midnight. If you are not near your lover, make sure keep your finger ready on your phone to call him/her the moment it strikes 11:59 as other may be trying to call them too.

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Make it Out for More Romantic Wishes to Lover

Plan a dinner or a short trip ahead of your lover’s birthday. Nothing makes more romantic than wishing your lover at a destination away from home. A calm and beautiful atmosphere does wonders in surprising on their birthday.

Happy Birthday Wishes for lover

Short Romantic Wishes and Messages for Lovers

Lovers and spouses are very important people in our lives. They need to be appreciated and what better way than to send or write them romantic birthday wishes on their special day. Below are some of the best happy birthday wishes to a lover.

1) Happy birthday to you, thanks for making my life so special.

2) My heartiest congratulation is dedicated to the Mom and Dad who gave birth to you. You are a beautiful heart and soul. You always remind me that you are the only person with whom I want to spend the rest of my life with. Happy birthday sweetheart.

3) Not all the papers in the world are enough for me to write our special journey, but it can be edited to contain only a single passionate word; “LOVE”. Happy Birthday to you my special one. May you have more special days in your life. I love you!

4) Happy birthday to my only, my first, my last and my everything. All my life was waiting for someone like you and now that I have found you, I take this moment to appreciate you on your Birthday. Happy Birthday my lover!

5) I may have secrets that I hide from you, but I cannot hide my love for you darling. You are my true love and on your birthday today, I wish for you to know that I truly love you. I wish you blessings with all the joy, happiness, health and prosperity life has to offer. Happy birthday.

6) My love for you is infinite. If I were to draw a symbol for our love, a circle is what I would draw. I will not draw a heart since it can break, but the circle always goes infinitely. That is how I would love for our love to go. I wish you infinite joy on your birthday.

7) As you grow one year older today sweetheart, I wish for you to grow stronger, wiser and better at everything you do. Just like fine wine, May you only get better and sweeter with age. Happy birthday to you my special one.

8) Here’s a Happy birthday to you, my lover and my best friend. Each passing day, you have shown me what a blessing you are in my life and am grateful for that. Thank you for taking me alongside you on this journey of life and love. Happy birthday my love.