I Love You Messages for Dad: Love My Dad Quotes

I Love You Messages for Dad

Send a Message to Daddy today and see how special he feels. Just few words from you in writing do a magic in relationship. Don’t underestimate the power of words and pick some I Love My Dad Quotes from below and scribble on a well-being card to let him know how much you are missing him and how much you love him.

To express your love to your daddy you don’t need to wait for an International Father’s Day or his birthday, but simply select couple of I Love You Daddy Quotes from below compilation and post on his Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest pages. Give the old man a virtual hug from where ever you are and thank him for being by your side always even if he is in another city or town.

We have some exclusive compilations of Dad Quotes From Daughter here for all the women who are married and have gone miles away from their father forever to raise their own kids and support their own families. Know that a father-daughter relationship is one of the most loving ones in the world and so let him know through words you love him more than his thoughts. Appreciate his contribution to your life and thank for being always with you, whenever you need his support.

I Love You Daddy Quotes will always give him the precious feeling though he knows how much you love him and how important is his place in your heart. Pen down some of the I Love My Dad Quotes from below long list of compilation today in a greeting card and post it to his address. It will give stronger feeling than soft copy messages. It will be cherished more than anything else in life.

I Love You Messages & Quotes for Father

1) No matter how old my daddy becomes, he will always be the first man who held me up in his arms and cuddled me as if I was the queen of the world. I love you dad.

2) I am very thankful to my dad for making our life this special. I love you.

3) Life is easier for me because I have a dad like you which is making my life easier by sacrificing his needs. I love you daddy.

4) You have seen my laugh. You wiped my tears dry. You are my sunshine and made my days so bright. I love you daddy.

Love Quotes for my Dad

5) Dad, I want to invent a time machine so I can rewind to my childhood and hit pause, to relive all the awesome memories I share with you. I love you.

6) I Love You Daddy. You are like a magnet for me who has attracted me towards the right and repelled me from what is wrong.

7) My friends binge on ice cream and chocolate when they feel down and out. I just pick up the phone and call my dad. I love you.

8) You are the best dad in the world. You got me everything that i ever thought about, you gave me every thing when i was nothing. I wish to return all those by achieving all the goals that you want me to achieve. I Love You Dad

9) Being your son is awesome, but the worst part is that following your footsteps is more difficult that anything else. I Love You

10) A father is a man who expects his children to be as good as he meant to be. I love you daddy!

I Love You Dad Quote

11) The worst part of being your son is that following your footsteps is going to be more difficult that climbing the highest mountain. I love you.

12) There are a hundred’s of ways say that I Love You but when I will say only four words. I Love You Unconditionally Dad. Thank You for everything you have done for me.

13) Dad, even a fleeting memory of your loving smile is enough to light up my darkest days. I love you.

14) Dad, I will never find out how you manage to love me despite all the pain I have given you. Sometimes I feel that my brutal lies and hurtful curses don’t deserve the selfless love of an affectionate dad like you. I love you dad.