13 Hairless Animals That Are Cute and Completely Unrecognizable Without Their Hair

All these animals look like they are from another planet. This is a warning that you make never look at animals the same way again. I am not sure what to think of these crazy pictures. They are very disturbing but cute and unrecognizable without their hair.

1. Bear Without Hair

2. Chimpanzee Without Hair

Chimpanzee Without Hair

3. Hairless Aardvark

Hairless Aardvark

4. Hairless Guinea Pig

5. Hairless Kitten

Hairless Kitten

6. Hairless Parrot

Hairless Parrots

7. Hairless Penguin

Hairless Penguin

8. Hairless Rabbit

Hairless Rabbit

9. Raccoon Without Hair

Raccoon Without Hair

10. Hairless Rat

Hairless Rat

11. Hairless Squirrel

Hairless Squirrel

12. Hamsters Without Hair

Hamsters Without Hair

13. Hairless Wombat

Hairless Wombat