16 Funny Homeless Signs That May Actually Work

There are quite a few homeless people in the U.S.A… A lot of times they hold up a sign that explains their situation and asks for help. After years of this method, some homeless people started getting more creative and creating signs that will better engage the people that walk by. We have compiled these 16 hilarious homeless signs that just may work.

1. Which Religion Cares The Most About The Homeless

2. For Sale Cop Car

3. Blind Man – Funny Homeless Sign Guy

4. Funny Sign on Hobo Homeless Guy

5. Hey Bum You Funny Homeless Man

6. Hobophobia

7. Homeless Bum is Funny Guy

8. Homeless Dog Pay Me

9. Homeless Guy has Funny Sign

10. Homeless Man Facebook

11. Homeless Sign – Need Cash For Alcohol Research

12. Jayz Beyonce Homless

13. Quarter Homeless Guy

14. Sea World

15. Smile If You Homeless

16. Tiger Woods Affair