Funny Happy Birthday Quotes and Memes with Wishes

Funny happy birthday quotes and memes is a very special option to show your wishes to other person. Birthday is a very special day to everyone and we all try to celebrate it since it marks the day we all came to this beautiful world to live in. Even though we cannot celebrate our loved ones birthday festively, sending them funny birthday meme, quotes or wishes are enough to warm their hearts. In this post am going to share some of the messages under different categories to share them to the special people in your life.

Funny Birthday Wishes Memes

So, next time when you are messaging to someone you love on their birthday at least send something personalized with funny memes. The internet today is full of funny birthday wishes, funny happy birthday quotes, funny birthday memes, happy birthday meme etc. Leverage this to its maximum potential and make someone’s day truly special.

Be it festivals, anniversaries or birthdays, a generic message and that’s it, nothing more! Especially, birthday is the kind of day when a person truly craves for some quality attention. This nature of attention has become a rare phenomenon. An individual now spends the entire day alone but is connected to people on the phone. Socially, this is not healthy but changing times are such that one has to adapt. Happy Birthday, so and so is the only text that one should expect.

Funny Birthday Wishes

  • May you age graceful and sweeter like a bottle of wine to celebrate more birthdays in the coming years.
  • You are really a blessing to us. Every day you bring joy and laughter in our lives. Our love for you is infinity.
  • May have the most beautiful birthday ever and this year I pray your problems to be less like the teeth of a nine months old baby.
  • May you enjoy your festive day and many more. I will always be beside you to hold your hair as you puck out some of the alcohol you consume on your big day
  • May you widely smile as celebrate your birthday because in the next few years you may not have the teeth to show them off. Happy birthday my sweet friend

Happy Birthday to Me Meme

Funny Birthday Wishes

Funny Happy Birthday Wishes Quotes

If you want to get intellectual and enlighten the birthday boy or the birthday girl use one of these slick funny happy birthday wishes quotes which encapsulate the purpose of wishing someone along with passing on some good life advice in the form of a quote. The best part, they are funny too. It’s quite a cocktail of positive feelings which stimulates a good mood in the person being wished.

  • As you celebrate your birthday you are one year to aging. Remember to always look at the mirror to count the number of wrinkles your face gained.
  • Happy birthday my beautiful girl friend, each birthday means a lot remember celebrating these birthday more and more, the angle of death is eager to come and swoop you off your feet and claim you as his own.
  • Happy birthday to you though the cake is too small to hold the number of candles representing your years.
  • Happy birthday to you and a fantastic aging ahead of you
  • As I celebrate your birthday with you i pray we grow older and become those nuisance ladies in the nursing home.
  • As you gain new skills of coughing, not able to hold your pee, memory confusion in your old age I wish you a marvelous and wonderful birthday.

Birthday memes for dad

Birthday Memes for Friend

Funny Birthday Meme Quotes

Funny Memes are a super hit in today’s modern culture. Memes can be anything, text, image or a video. In modern day life funny birthday memes has popularity on social media in its original form. Users use these funny messages, modify it by adding their personal touch and then start forwarding it. Such memes are usually funny in nature but they can be anything like this:-

  • Happy 3rd birthday son it is time you leave our bed and start sleeping in your bedroom.
  • Am 21 years now happy birthday to me only beers accepted as gifts.
  • I offer my sincere sympathy to you for growing old. Happy birthday.
  • I can’t keep calm it’s my birthday month.
  • Smoothies from Terry crew. Happy birthday to you
  • I will try not to make the age related jokes because I sincerely feel bad how old you are. Happy birthday darling

Funny Birthday Meme Cards

Happy Birthday Meme Wishes for Her

  • OMG……. You are one year older. Happy birthday girl
  • Have a kick-ass 50th birthday.
  • I smell a birthday cake and if it’s your am eating it.
  • Happy freaking birthday dude
  • It’s your birthday lets party like there is no tomorrow

One can take the old picture, video or text message of the person whose birthday it is, twist it in a funny way by using application available on a Smart Phone and send with funny quotes. The receiver of the meme will be elated because you brought nostalgia to this person, in turn, making his or her day. Funny birthday memes are popular and hilarious and one should definitely use them for conveying birthday wishes.

Funny Happy Birthday Memes

If you as a wisher do not really share a close relationship with the person who you are wishing then you can just play safe and send a happy birthday meme. A lot of such memes are available on various websites and it signifies personal touch from the sender’s end to mark a birthday.

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Making someone laugh is a guaranteed way to get yourself in that person’s good books. ViralMoss website is full of funny birthday wishes that one can perhaps tweak a little, personalize and send. It will make the person being wished appreciate your thoughtfulness along with putting a big smile on this person’s face.

Ideally, nothing beats personally meeting the person whose birthday it is. But since everybody is on the move or not in the same location this is getting harder by the day. Technology is an excellent tool but it has to be used properly. This usage is not so hard. All one needs to do, is care which nobody seems to be doing. A little change in attitude and it helps to utilize technology in the best possible way.

These funny birthday messages and wishes not only reminds your special ones that you always keep in track of their special day and wish them all the happiness they can have but also put beautiful smile across their faces hence sealing their hearts with sweet words.