30 Most Amazing Things, Once in a Lifetime Photos

These photo captures a moment in time, but these photos are capturing something more. These most amazing photos are once in a lifetime shots.

1. A pilot ejecting seconds before death

2. Nik Wallenda tight rope walking over Niagra Falls in 2012

3. A child finds out what upon mixing Mentos and Coke

4. Six simultaneous lightning strikes on Lake Michigan

5. Great White shark leaps out of the water in Cape Town, Africa

6. Milliseconds before splash down

7. Buddha capturing a commercial plane by its tail

8. A curious whale shark investigates a boat

9. Over 5000 ducks cross a road in Zhejiang, China

10. A young sloth photobombs a group of students in Costa Rica

11. Tyler Chorlton gives his friend a high five

12. A young child bursts a bubble in Paris, France

13. A European roe deer is caught in mid air

14. Skydivers descend as space shuttle Discover launches into orbit

15. A praying mantis takes on a bird

16. A stunt plane impersonates Christ of Redeemer

17. A angel statue blows clouds out of its horn

18. The dock under a wedding party gives way at the perfect moment

19. A pesky honeybee stings Kathy Keatley Garvey of UC Davis for the last time

20. Milliseconds after a M-41 Saber Weapon System launches a TOW Missle

21. A lightning strike, fireworks and a coment, all in one photo

22. A huge flock of flamingoes make one large flamingo

23. A polyphemus moth rests in a human eye socket

24. Girl has bubble eyes

25. The moon makes a sixth circle during the London Olympics

26. A bird makes a meal delivery

27. A lucky speeder gets some help from a flying bird

28. Mid air explosion over a mock landing operation in South Korea

29. Emmerged roller coaster iin Seaside Heights, New Jersey from Hurricane Sandy

30. Baby geese leave the nest for the first flight