1st Birthday Wishes: First Birthday Quotes and Messages

First Birthday Wishes & Quotes

You may not remember your first birthday, but it was a very grand one. Now it is your turn to make the same a very special one for a baby who is very close to you, who has turned ONE. It is one of the most important occasions for the child as it means lots to the parents. To help you write the best First Birthday Wishes below are dozens of Happy First Birthday messages to choose from.

Considering the 1st Birthday Quotes need to be the very best, all the below messages are exclusively written with sober and sweet words to make those very pleasant to the parents of the little angel. The messages accompanied with gifts will make the birthday very memorable and very lively to all. It will be a moment of joy for the toddler too who may not understand the importance of event, but surely will love to crawl and discover some very colorful wraps, card, chocolate and gift from you and other well wishers like you. It will be a day of difference for the baby with lots of hugs and kisses.

Choose one best Happy First Birthday message from many below which seems to be tailored for you and the one-year-old baby who has infinite innocence in his or her eyes waiting to get cuddled in your arms.

Some of the 1st Birthday Quotes here are like prayers to ask God shower all the blessings on the baby and the family for healthy living and long living.

The First Birthday Wishes should always be great and nothing will bring more joy to the parents than scribbling few lines of good wishes on a greeting card for the baby, expressing your infinite affection and infinite love.

Happy 1st Birthday Wishes & Messages

1) I will not say that life will never throw storms at you but I promise to be there whenever you feel blue…. Happy 1st Birthday!

1st birthday wishes

2) Happy 1st birthday! Remember that there’s more to life than birthday cake, balloons and presents. There’s also ice cream.

3) Finally, you have got a whole number as your age. Happy 1st birthday!

4) Eating with your hands is a privilege and duty at your age. Time to get down and dirty. Happy 1st birthday!

5) We’re all here to wish you a big happy 1st birthday!

First Birthday Wishes

6) Congratulations for completing one whole year of your life, but beware of what lies ahead! Happy 1st birthday.

7) Congratulations, your parents have managed to tolerate you, and you have managed to tolerate your parents for the whole year. Only about two more decades to go before you move out. Happy 1st Birthday.

8) The cutest selfies ever, are the ones taken with you. Happy 1st birthday.

9) Just one year ago God reached down and blessed us with a beautiful daughter. We thank Him every day for our special gift.

10) Life will have its twists and turns, ups and downs but your innocent smile will always wipe off our frowns… Happy 1st Birthday!

Happy First Birthday

11) Tiny hands and feet, tiny little coo’s, tiny little smiles… ENORMOUS happiness for those who love you. Happy Birthday, Sweetie.

12) You are growing up right before my very eyes. I can’t believe it. I’m just happy that you are still small enough for me to hold in my arms.

13) You have only one year with us. That means that you have many more years of being spoiled by your grandparents!

14) Baby girl, we could never give you a gift that is as great as what you have given to us. We are blessed to have such a beautiful daughter.

15) Happy 1st Birthday My Kiddo! You won’t remember much about this day down the road, but you can rest assured the cake was AWESOME!