18 Things You Wish You Knew as a New Mother

There is probably no woman in this world who will not love to enjoy the bliss of motherhood! It is aptly said that being a mother is one of the loveliest feelings that a woman experiences in her life. Holding the little bundle of joy in her arms, a new mom can feel heaven on earth for sure. However, parenthood is not all about pleasures. There are various kinds of problems associated with the same as well.

1. You will lose those long peaceful sleeping hours. You will need to wake up every 2 hours to feed the infant.

2. Learn to use a breast pump properly so that even with less milk supply, you can feed your baby well.

breast pump properly

3. You will need to have heaps of baby clothes ready as the baby might poop, puke and urinate innumerable times during the day.

4. You might not be able to have a regular rocking sex life just after having the baby. Hormonal changes have a great impact on the mind and body.

Regular Rocking Sex

5. A visit to the grocery store for half an hour will need a preparation of 3 hours.

Grocery Store

6. Taking care of the baby is not a job. It is a happiness that is for lifetime.

Baby Care

7. Carrying the child in the car is not as simple as it seems. The car seat can become really nasty.

 Carrying the child

8. Watching the television will not be the same anymore. You will not get enough time to catch up on your favorite shows.

Watching the television

9. No Weekends for a New Mom.

No Weekends for a New Mom

10. Do not pay attention to every small thing that relatives and friends say. Follow your instincts – you cannot harm your baby.

Do not pay attention to every small thing

11. It is not important to buy loads of stuff for the new baby as he/she will outgrow the same in no time.

Buy Loads of Stuff for Baby

12. Initial days of motherhood are tough since the body is tired and hormones start crashing.

 Initial days of motherhood

13. You will need assistance for going to the toilet after the delivery. Do not feel embarrassed for the same.

14. You might not find enough time for a proper meal. Grab whatever is available and make yourself full.

Proper Meal

15. Understand the smallest needs of the child with his/her expressions.

smallest needs of the child

16. Your social life might take a backseat for few days as the whole concentration will be on the kid.

social life

17. You will become selfless and think of things related to the child only.

Become Selfless

18. Last, but not the least all these things are worth it as motherhood is one of the happiest experiences in your lifetime that you will treasure for the rest of your days.

Happiest Experiences Life